American terror

Most of the roughly 50 supporters of Mr. Hill were white men, some kneeling and praying, others singing “How Great Thou Art.” Abortion rights advocates had said they planned to attend the execution and press their cause, but there was not a single person representing that movement. Three protesters said they were there to condemn Mr. Hill’s violent act. About 20 others came to oppose the death penalty.

Dan Holman, who said he drove here from Keokuk, Iowa, said Mr. Hill had “raised the standard” for anti-abortion protesters.

“Some day, I hope I will have the courage to be as much as a man as he was,” said Mr. Holman, who carried a sign that said: “Dead Doctors Can’t Kill.”

Other signs read, “Killing Baby Killers Is Justifiable Homicide,” and “Extremism in Defense of Life Is Not Extreme.”