Back to business as usual

From this morning’s Times:

During last month’s firestorm over Mr. Lott, Republicans tried to have it both ways on race. They appeased the majority of Americans, who were outraged at Mr. Lott’s sympathetic words about segregation, by pressing him to resign as the Senate Republican leader. At the same time they winked at Mr. Lott’s supporters by having prominent party members stand by him. More recently, they announced plans to award Mr. Lott a new position of honor by making him chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee.

Throughout the zigging and zagging it still seemed possible that the party would heed the advice of Bill Frist, the Senate’s new G.O.P. leader, who said one of his priorities would be “ensuring that our agenda is inclusive of all Americans.” That hope evaporated with the renomination of Judge Pickering and several other jurists with dubious records on racial issues. Senator Charles Schumer of New York, among others, has declared that he will use every weapon at his disposal to defeat Judge Pickering. Other Democrats should join in, as should moderate Republican senators, who insisted last month that Mr. Lott’s views had no place in their party.

To which he apparently inexhaustible Atrios (from whom I’ve lifted a couple of links this morning) adds: “Sanctimonious backslapping bloggers, too.”

Don’t count on it, though.