A couple of posts below, I mentioned the case of Jesus Castillo, the Texas comic shop employee who was given a year’s probation and a $4000 fine for the crime of selling an adult-only comic book to an adult, who also happened to be an undercover policeman. (Crime rate must be pretty low in Dallas if the cops have nothing better to do than hassle comic book shops.) (Update: If by “low,” you mean “highest in the nation,” that is.)

Well, it occurs to me that working in a comic book shop, while certainly a noble calling, is not perhaps the most well-compensated profession one could choose, and for Mr. Castillo, $4,000 is probably a staggering amount of money. So here’s the question, for those of you who know about this case: is there some sort of fund somewhere, to which people who understand the fundamental, maddening unfairness of this case can donate, to help this poor guy pay off this idiotic fine?

UPDATE: Never mind. According to this piece in the Dallas Observer, the fine was covered by customers of the shop and other local supporters. You can, however, donate to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund here.