I haven’t been watching much Fox News lately. Anybody know if they’ve even mentioned their Franken lawsuit? I’m especially interested to know if O’Reilly’s brought it up, since it was likely his doing.

UPDATE: Well, I guess he has. And the irony is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

The main point here is that trying to hurt a business or a person because you disagree with what they say is simply unacceptable in America. And that message has been sent by FOX. There’s a principle in play. Vigorous debate is embraced by us, but smear campaigns will be confronted. It is simply a joke for The New York Times to editorialize that fabricated personal attacks are acceptable under the banner of satire…The point is accountability. We are shining a spotlight on the haters and the enablers. You can decide if that spotlight is aimed in the right direction.

There’s always a point, with powerful people, be they movie directors or politicians or loudmouthed talking heads on cable tv, when they become too powerful, and there is no longer anyone around them in a position to tell them that their latest idea sucks, or that they are behaving like an ass. Everyone wants to keep their jobs, everyone wants to keep the boss happy. And so you end up with a closed feedback loop, and the powerful person has absolutely no idea how foolish he/she looks to the rest of the world. It’s increasingly clear that Bill O’Reilly has reached this pinnacle of achievement. Congratulations, buddy.