Earth to Joe

One more on Lieberman, via TAPPED:

“Most of the other Democratic candidates are threatening the change that Bill Clinton and Al Gore brought on the Democratic Party and threatening to take us back into the political wilderness,” Lieberman told the audience at the National Press Club Monday in response to a question. “I’m not going to stand back and let this party be taken over by people who would take us into the political wilderness again.”

“Into” the political wilderness? “Again”? Gosh, let’s see — the Democrats control how many branches of government right now? Oh, that’s right. None.

Update from alert reader Philip: “Daily Show did a thing on that quote last night; after Jon Stewart pointed out that the Democrats control nothing, he asked ‘Yeah, who was it that took us into that wilderness again?’ And then a Gore/Leiberman poster appeared in the top left corner.”

I love the Daily Show. I would like to be a guest on the Daily Show. If anybody knows anybody who knows anybody…