Holiday pre-orders

Let me be clear that copies of 25 Years of Tomorrow WILL NOT BE HERE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. (Update: it looks like we’ll have books into our warehouse in late January, and the team at Make That Thing will start shipping them out as soon as possible after that.)

But if you want to pre-order a copy as a gift, I’ve made up a little gift certificate that you can wrap and put under the tree as a placeholder! Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Click the thumbnail below.

2. Download and print.

3. Place in a small box and wrap festively!

The numbers are a little fuzzy, as we try to figure out how many books to set aside for lost/damaged copies, how many to set aside for backers who want additional sets, and so on — but it looks like we’re only going to have a couple hundred remaining out of the print run, so if you’re interested in this, don’t wait too long!