Book update

I’ve been deep in book production since the end of the Kickstarter, and clearly haven’t been updating the blog. Just wanted to post a quick reminder that even if you missed the KS, you can still pre-order a copy of the book here. (Backers will have a chance to order extra copies when we send out the checkout note, which will happen closer to the moment that we have books in hand.) (Also, just FYI: the final slipcover design looks nothing like the early mockup.)

I’ve got production samples in hands of various elements of the book, including a mockup of the slipcover complete with two 500 page volumes of blank pages. I’m torn between wanting to share photos of everything and wanting to play it close to the vest, so that the whole package is a surprise for backers.

I believe that we’re on schedule to ship books in January as promised. It’s unfortunate that we won’t have them in time for Christmas, but I do plan to post a downloadable certificate you can print and put under the tree as a placeholder, if you want to pre-order a set of the books as a gift for someone.

…ADDING: quantities are limited! Most of our print run was pre-sold through the Kickstarter, and we’ve sold a couple hundred more after the fact. There’s a decent possibility that we’ll sell out this run before Christmas, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!