Well, that was fun

As I expected, the book is now settling into more modest numbers on Amazon — but hey, it was a taste of what’s possible. For a few hours there, it was sitting at #13, one below Hillary Clinton.

In his novel, The Palace of Wisdom, Bob Marshall-Andrews sets the stage with this opening paragraph:

My master beat Galileo at marbles. True, the great apostate was dying and my master was no more than eight years of age, the very best age for marbles. Thereafter it entitled him to say, with some justification that, for a moment, he knew more about the movement of spheres than any man alive. Not a bad story.

I feel a little like that right now. For a moment, my book was up there on the chart, one notch below Hillary Clinton’s million-seller.

Not a bad story.

(By the way — buy the book. In the unlikely event that you missed my post on why it’s important to me that you do so, it can be read here.)