#28 with a bullet, and this is for a pre-order. To my knowledge, the printer, my editor and myself are the only people on the planet who have actually seen the book itself.

You kids are swell.

Even I am taken aback — and enormously grateful. I talked about this in the previous post, but I just can’t convey what a pain it has been over the years to get the word out about these books; to get disinterested in-house publicists who never really seemed to believe that I actually have an audience, and who are working on probably a couple of dozen other books at any given time, to really push my stuff; to get the attention of reporters, editors, anyone who will write an article, all in the hopes that in the course of writing about me they will see fit to mention the new book (and astonishingly, that’s not a given), and that maybe ten percent of the people who see the article will read far enough down to even notice that I have a new book, and maybe one percent of those people will think about maybe buying it someday…

Goodbye to all that.

Thanks to the internet, thanks to this blog, the middlemen are kind of cut out now, and I can talk to you directly. I’m still happy to do the interviews, etc., and I’m still hoping that the publicist who’s been assigned to me this time does manage to, you know, get me some publicity (actually, what I really want is for him to get me on the Daily Show cough cough hint hint) — but it’s a different game now.

So my thanks go out to all of you — and to my blogger friends who saw fit to help me spread the news — but don’t stop now. If you all keep this up, maybe I can even give Little Annie Coulter a run for her money, at least on the Amazon chart… (I can’t track how well it’s selling through Powell’s because I lost my login ID when my hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago, and they haven’t responded to my email yet — if anybody from Powell’s is reading this, can you lend a hand here?)

Oh, and one more thing: Buy the book.