One more for the propaganda scrapheap

Okay, “reduced posting” is something of a fiction today. But in case you missed this one on Atrios, the Washington Times is reporting something interesting:

The Army will release a report tomorrow on the ambush of the 507th Maintenance Company in Iraq that will show Pfc. Jessica Lynch and another female soldier suffered extensive injuries in a vehicle accident, but not from Iraqi fighters.

The deadly March 23 battle in Nasiriyah, in central Iraq, has emerged as perhaps the most famous incident in the war — both for what happened and for what was reported to have happened, but did not.

The Army’s 15-page report officially will debunk accounts that Pfc. Lynch emptied two revolvers at her attackers and was shot and stabbed before being taken prisoner of war. In fact, she was riding in a Humvee that was struck by a projectile during a frantic attempt to escape the ambush. She suffered “horrific injuries,” said Pentagon sources familiar with the report.

Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa, a good friend of Pfc. Lynch’s, was driving the Humvee. The strike on the vehicle caused her to lose control. The utility vehicle smashed into a disabled tractor-trailer at more than 45 mph, critically injuring Pfc. Piestewa, the Pentagon sources said.

— snip —

Pfc. Lynch also was pulled from the wreckage and taken to the same hospital. “Lynch survived principally because of the medical attention she received from the Iraqis,” one source said.

And remember, this is the Moonie-owned, Republican-friendly Washington Times. It’s no wonder you don’t see the pro-war types paying much attention to stories like this, or the discredited 33 missing pieces spin, or the children’s prison that wasn’t, let alone the missing WMDs or any of the rest — correcting all the misstatements of the past six months would be a full time job in itself.