Your task for today

Lisa at Ruminate This sets the stage:

The American public was so gripped with disgust over this FCC vote that in an unprecedented move, over one million people rose to take a stand against the agency’s action. Democrats, Republicans, Greens and Otherwise – they all said, “NO” to the FCC’s attempt at turning over US print and broadcast to the largest players in Big Media. It’s not every day that John and Jane Q. Public take a collective stand and so the US Senate’s Commerce Committee couldn’t help but notice the outcry. They took our phone calls, they read our emails and faxes and letters, and not long after, these politicians met and crafted a bill to rescind the damage done on that June 2 day.

Some thought the battle was won.

They were wrong. The battle had just begun.

Today, Tuesday, July 8, regular citizens and media activists – people just like you – are taking a few minutes out of the day to phone up their Congressional representatives. They want to make sure these politicians have not forgotten the public’s outrage. They’re looking for action, because you see, talk is cheap and we not only want that bill out of committee – we want the darn thing passed in both the Senate and the House. If we don’t act, all of our hard work will have been for nothing.

Lisa has more on her fine blog, and I strongly urge you to go spend some time there. But if you’re pressed for time, go straight to and plug in your zip and the handy little program will give you the numbers you need to call.

To review: Go. Call. Now. And remember: polite, polite, polite.