It seems to me…

…that it is time for Bush’s partisans — and this includes those who walk the walk but slyly decline the label — to admit that their boy lied. (While it may not break the camel’s back, another straw was added with the publication of this op ed.)

It was clear to me early on that Bill Clinton was lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and I said so from the start, much to the consternation of many of my liberal readers. (I’m too lazy to dig through the archives right now to link to the relevant cartoons, but the button is over to your left if you want confirmation of this.) Many Clinton partisans denied the obvious until the last possible second, and spent a lot of time trying to clean the egg off their faces afterwards.

And that was just about sex. There are currently some 200 dead American military personnel as I write this, and certainly more on the way, and god only knows how many dead Iraqi civilians, and we’re looking at a years, maybe decades-long commitment in Iraq, and untold billions of dollars to be spent, all because Bush lied about something a bit more serious than a blow job from a silly intern. And the longer the supporters of this quagmire-in-the-making deny the obvious, the more foolish they will eventually look.

You have to acknowledge the lies, even when they’re coming from the guy who’s more or less on your side of the fence — or else stand revealed for the pathetic partisan hack you are. (Cough cough Andy cough cough.)