Oh for chrissakes

The wisdom of Andrew Sullivan:

Continued conflict in Iraq, in other words, needn’t always be bad news. It may be a sign that we are drawing the terrorists out of the woodwork and tackling them in the open.

Okay, then. American soldiers continue to die in Iraq and that’s just hunky dory with Andy because it is somehow bringing “the terrorists” out of the woodwork?

This is possibly the stupidest fucking thing I have read all week, if not all month.

Does Sullivan honestly believe that because “the terrorists” are now busy killing Americans in Iraq, the rest of us are safe? And this is a good thing? Is this the purpose of the United States military in Sullivan’s eyes — to act as a sort of Judas Goat, drawing fire away from his comfortable existence? And even taking him on his own terms — does he think we live in a fucking James Bond movie, and “the terrorists” are a small group of easily contained men who sit around in their secret headquarters reporting to a leader who strokes a white cat in his lap and who, when he is displeased by what he hears, pushes a button which causes their chairs to dump them into a shark tank?

Memo to Andrew Sullivan: this isn’t a zero sum game, or even close. “The terrorists” and “Iraq” most likely have nothing to do with each other. Do you even believe this stuff yourself or are these just the bones you toss the idiot subscribers who actually believe you when you claim that it costs well over $80K a year to run a freakin’ blog?

(Sorry, do I sound cranky? It’s been a harder week than you know…)