Okay, question for the brain trust. I’ve been using Netscape (7, on Mac OS9) for mail, and tonight it is suddenly and totally FUBAR. When I try to start it up, I first get a CONFIGURATION WARNING which informs me there is a syntax error of some sort, and it then starts up as if I am a completely new user. Given that I have several different email boxes which I use in an active manner to keep track of various matters, and given that it’s going to take me half a day with tech support to track down all the various smtp addresses and so on if I have to start over from scratch, how the hell do I convince Netscape that it already has all this info on file?

Mail to the usual address. I’ll be checking it via webmail in the morning with the hope that someone with a clue (a category which emphatically does not include me at the moment) can help me out here.

Update: problems resolved, for better or worse…