I had completely forgotten about this

I was experimenting with blogging as far back as 1998. (Click through for the classic story of the time I gave a bookstore reading hoping to impress my fiance’s parents and a rat fell from the ceiling on my future mother-in-law.)

Found that digging around on the Wayback Machine to see when exactly my site first went up. It was around 1992 or 1993, I’m pretty sure (though I can’t find it on their archive right now — don’t remember the URL or hosting service I was using before I eventually moved it over to the WELL). But I was one of the very first cartoonists to have work online — if memory serves, I even beat Dilbert. It was enough of a rarity at the time that science fiction author Bruce Sterling sent me a note praising me for taking the risk of putting work out there for free like that.