Catching up (2): Sparky in Kuwait

A Sparky photo contest entry from reader Paul W.:

I just heard about your ‘Sparky Photo Competition’ through the list, and I hope I have a valid entry for you, as this is not actually a photo of a legit plush Sparky doll.

Here’s the story: I live in Kuwait, and when I found out about the Sparkys you have on offer, I mentioned to my wife that I thought they were really cool and that I was going to get one when we got back home this summer. I can’t really order one from here, as the national postal system is very unreliable, and chances are better than average that he’d never make it. As my birthday was approaching, my amazing wife took it upon herself to construct one of her own.

One favourite tee-shirt destroyed, an old pair of sunglasses, and several tens of feet of thread later, hey presto, I was presented with this cool facsimile of a plush Sparky on the date of my birth! Heather undersells herself, as she thinks this looks more like Sparky’s banjo-playing cousin from deep in the sticks, but I think he’s awesome!

Anyway, here’s my entry for your contest, if you’ll accept it. This is Sparky hanging around in the deserts of Kuwait with some new friends.