Note to Sparky’s Listers

If you’re on Gmail, you might want to add TMWsubscribersATgmailDOTcom to your contacts list. I think Google must have tightened up their filters recently — my own copy of the email ended up in my spam folder last week!

I’d also recommend creating a filter (under the MORE dropdown menu) and checking the NEVER SEND TO SPAM option.

If you do find Sparky’s List emails in your spam folder, please be sure to click the little “not spam” button at the top. Maybe if that happens enough times, the Google algorithms will adjust accordingly.

And if I have any loyal readers who happen to work at Google, please shoot me an email at tomtomorrow-at-gmail. Sparky’s List should not be getting flagged as spam for anybody –it’s a subscription list that people pay money to be on!

…adding: the List has gone out for this week.