Back to work

I’ve got a couple of deadlines staring me in the face and my brain is full of post-holiday cobwebs, so this site will probably remain on semi-hiatus for a few days. But please be sure not to miss this post about Hearts & Homes. I’m quite serious about this: receives somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors a day — and that’s visitors, mind you, not hits, or page views, or any of the other obfuscational statistic-benders — and if every single one of you donated a buck, we could pull these people out of the hole.

We’re powerless spectators, so much of the time these days, watching events over which we have no influence or control. Here’s a situation in which the readers of this site alone could make a concrete difference. And that seems like a pretty decent way to head into an uncertain new year.

So go give ’em a buck or two, okay? As a favor to me, if nothing else. Let’s make a small, but very real, difference.

Update: the response so far has apparently been huge. I’ll post specific numbers when I have them, but it looks like we’ve raised well over a thousand dollars in a single day, and I don’t think we’re anywhere near through yet. I am extraordinarily touched, and my thanks go out to everyone who responded (with special thanks to Wil Wheaton for helping to get the word out on his site as well).

I’m sure the dogs would thank you too, if they knew how to use computers.