Why does Tom Delay hate Americans?

From the Times:

The House majority leader, Representative Tom DeLay of Texas, rejected a demand from the administration that the House pass the Senate bill, which would provide an increased child tax credit to 6.5 million low-income families.

“Ain’t going to happen,” Mr. DeLay said this afternoon, reiterating his stance that the credits would be approved only as part of a much larger tax-cut bill, an $82 billion package that House Republicans unveiled later in the day and plan to bring to the floor on Thursday.

This is an outrage any way you look at it, but it’s worth noting that one of the groups disproportionately affected by this single-minded pursuit of a tax cut for the rich is military familes. So while the servicemember in the family is off in Iraq risking his or her life every day in the maintenance of a war that’s supposedly over, the family’s back home getting screwed by the Republicans. And if I live to be 100, I will never understand why people think the GOP “supports the troops.”