I need a book title

I’m putting together a new anthology, to be published by my friends at Topataco (purveyors of fine DRONEY shirts, among other things). And I need a title, and after however-many books I’ve published over the past two decades, I just can’t seem to come up with one I like.

So I’m soliciting suggestions. If you come up with a title I use, you’ll receive public acknowledgement, as well as a Tom Tomorrow fun pack, featuring a signed copy of the book for which you have supplied a title, a DRONEY shirt, and a subscription to SPARKY’S LIST.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

— you are unlikely to come up with a new variation or pun on “TOMORROW …..” that has not already been suggested many times over. (This includes all references to “Annie.”)

–it needs to be pithy and clever.

–it should not be a rehash of an older title.

–in the case of multiple submissions, the earliest entry will be considered the winner.

Please email entries to tomtomorrow at gmail dot com, with your proposed title in the subject line.