Free ice cream…

…is a phrase I used to see bloggers use in reference to their own output and complaints about same — i.e., sorry I’m not blogging today, you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for your free ice cream.

As if 99% of the net isn’t free ice cream. But anyway: I am reminded of this today because this site has apparently earned me some, yes, free ice cream, from True Majority (aka the Ben & Jerry’s people), for being one of the top 25 lefty bloggers, or some such. (Got an email, can’t find the list on their site, so I’m a bit vague on the details.)

Hell, this keeps up, I might actually turn a profit on this thing. If only in delicious consumables.

(Note to Bob: I’ll save some for the next time you’re in New York. It’ll probably have major freezer burn by then, but it will still be, nonetheless, free ice cream. And you’ve earned it, by golly.)