Bill O’Reilly is completely insane

This is a transcript of comments he made on his radio show regarding his little feud with Al Franken:

What this guy writes and says does not matter to me, other than, Mike, he insulted me in a forum where I was at a decided disadvantage*, you know, he went over his time limit. It was very, very sneaky, and you know, as I said at the top of the broadcast, somebody calls you a liar to your face, you don’t just laugh that off. That’s an insult. In the old west, that woulda got you shot. See in the old west, and I woulda loved to have been in the old west, Al and I woulda just had a little, uh, a little shootout. You know? We woulda went out, on Wilshire Avenue, and uh, six shooters, now he’s a much smaller target than I am, about four foot eleven, but he’s wider, and it woulda been you know, Clint Eastwood time. I woulda had the cheroot, the serape, woulda given my squint, and I woulda put a bullet right between his head. Woulda been wrong, woulda been wrong, but it was the old west, and I would not have known any better, so I wouldn’t have been held accountable because I would not have known any — now I do, now in 2003 that would have been wrong.

*In other words, a forum in which O’Reilly could not shout “cut his mic! cut his mic!”

(Transcribed from an audio file up on Uggabugga.)