Terrorist sympathizers

When someone like Noam Chomsky or Susan Sontag dares to criticize United States foreign policy, they are quickly labeled “terrorist sympathizers,” and roundly denounced. Well, I wonder how soon the vociferious denunciations of these actual terrorist sympathizers will begin.

PEACHTREE, N.C., June 1 — Betty Howard made many people happy today, and it was not for her daily special. Around noon, Mrs. Howard walked outside, glanced up at the sign in front of her diner and decided to change the lettering on the marquee from “Roast Turkey Baked Ham” to “Pray for Eric Rudolph.”

“Bless his heart,” Mrs. Howard said. “Eric needs our help.”

Mrs. Howard said she was going to start an Eric Rudolph legal defense fund. Many customers have already said they would chip in.

And from an article in yesterday’s Times:

Crystal Davis doesn’t quite side with Eric Rudolph, but she sympathizes with him.

“He’s a Christian and I’m a Christian and he dedicated his life to fighting abortion,” said Mrs. Davis, 25, mother of four. “Those are our values. And I don’t see what he did as a terrorist act.”

Yes, and — if the charges turn out to be true — nothing represents the values of the good, decent, salt of the earth, hardworking, churchgoing, loyal and patriotic citizens of backwoods North Carolina like planting a goddamn pipe bomb in the middle of the Olympics.

And then there’s this (from the first linked article again):

“I didn’t see him bomb nobody,” said Hoke Henson, 77. “You can’t always trust the feds.”

Except when it comes to WMDs in Iraq, and then you can trust the federal government implicitly because they’d never lie. Speaking of which, it appears that — at least, according to the hard right NewsMax site — Paul Wolfowitz is now floating the idea that Saddam was not only the mastermind behind 9/11, but was also responsible for Oklahoma City and the 1993 WTC bombing. Wonder if the folks in Peachtree are gonna trust the feds on that one.