Taking nominations

In his Life in Hell strip, Matt Groening used to occasionally give us lists of trendy words and phrases which really, really needed to be banned — i.e., you go girl, do the math, things like that. Well, this is a dead horse I’ve thrashed many times already, but the tiny world of the blogs has a disproportionate number of these. For instance:

Fisking — I hope any left/liberal blogger who uses this one understands that by doing so, you are reinforcing its underlying message — which is, essentially, that left/liberal types are idiots. It’s a handy word, I understand how it can creep into your vocabulary, but we…must…resist…must not…give in…

In the classic words of the heroes of Galaxy Quest: never give up, never surrender.

Second on my list: money quote. What can I say? That one’s just, well, icky.

Update: how about the word ‘blog’ itself? Sounds like a slang term for vomiting. I had way too much to drink, and man, I was up blogging all night.