Reality check

Wacky right wing satire

Sen. Rockefeller, D-WV, said Congress must determine whether the administration “intentionally overestimated” Iraq’s weapons program, or “just misread it. … In either case it’s a very bad outcome.”

Mr. Rumsfeld agreed, “What an awful outcome. We deeply regret freeing the Iraqi people from a murderous gang of thugs masquerading in the United Nations as a representative republic. We’re sorry that the Iraqi people have discovered thousands of graves of their Saddam-murdered relatives. It’s none of our business if people want to live like that.”

…put into context:

The other method that was used to oust Saddam was equally horrific from a moral standpoint: encouraging the Iraqi people to rise up and overthrow their government by force on the basis of an assurance given by President George H.W. Bush that U.S. forces would come to their assistance. That assurance, of course, turned out to be a horrible and deadly lie. When thousands of Iraqis rose up against their government, U.S. officials knowingly, intentionally, and deliberately stood by and watched Saddam’s forces slaughter the Iraqi rebels. Those dead rebels fill the mass graves that are now being used as the ex post facto justification for President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.