Snowball fights in hell

Bill O’Reilly questions the administration on WMDs:

The bad news for President Bush comes on the weapons of mass destruction front. CIA chief, George Tenet, wants a panel to investigate whether U.S. intelligence was faulty on that issues vis-a-vis Iraq. A panel? Shouldn’t tenet know what the heck is true and what isn’t?

What’s going on? The U.S. has captured enough scientists like Dr. Germ and Ms. Anthrax, or whomever, to get a picture of what Saddam Hussein had or didn’t have. The Bush administration needs to begin explaining the situation. “Talking Points” understands time is needed, but the right wing spin that Saddam was a deadly weapon himself isn’t going to cut it here.

The American people must have honest, accurate intelligence in a world this dangerous. This is a vital issue that we hope will be candidly addressed by the President and soon.

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