More media shenanigans

According to Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post:

A dustup between two New York Times reporters over a story on an Iraqi exile leader raises some intriguing questions about the paper’s coverage of the search for dangerous weapons thought to be hidden by Saddam Hussein.

An internal e-mail by Judith Miller, the paper’s top reporter on bioterrorism, acknowledges that her main source for such articles has been Ahmad Chalabi, a controversial exile leader who is close to top Pentagon officials. Could Chalabi have been using the Times to build a drumbeat that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction?

There are probably some real scandals at the Times which should explode, but never will — one of which is certainly the reliance on sources such as Chalabi. If it’s true that the guy who was angling for a US invasion in hopes that it would leave him in power (a hope which has been recently sidelined) — if it’s true he was feeding the media information to bolster support for that invasion, then the case of the young liar/reporter is not the only thing the Times ought to do some soul searching over. Blair seems more and more like a scapegoat, a way of saying, my gosh! how could this happen at a paper which never makes mistakes?

Tell it to Wen Ho Lee.

(Edited slightly for clarity.)