State of the art

My friends and long-time patrons at CREDO (formerly Working Assets) have pulled the plug and will no longer be featuring my cartoons. This is what you would call a friendly breakup, and came as no big surprise. They’ve been moving steadily away from content to focus on activism for quite awhile now — my cartoon was basically the last remnant of their old blog. They were enormously supportive for a long time, and I thank them for that, and hope to work together in some other capacity in the future.

Overall the cartoon is still doing better than I have any right to expect, given the state of the economy and the publishing industry (I even added a couple papers this year), but these incremental losses do take their toll.

On the bright side–and if I’m known for anything, it’s my ability to look at the bright side!– I am grateful beyond words for the support of the many newspapers which continue to run the strip, not to mention Truthout and, of course, my online flagship, The Great Orange Satan. Cumulatively they keep me afloat.

… adding: if you want to support the strip and still read it in a newspaper, it’s especially important to let them know you enjoy it — that kind of feedback helps keep me off the chopping block when it’s time to cut the budget again. And if you want, you could buy a shirt.