Bumpity bump

(Keeping this post at the top of the page for awhile, for obvious reasons.)

I am pleased to announce a new partnership with the artist-friendly t-shirt and swagmeisters at Topatoco. Our first offering is the “Tron Sparky” shirt”, featuring your favorite cranky penguin’s visage in the traditional colors of the War on Christmas season, red and black — and as if that weren’t enough, it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Yes, this shirt can literally be used as an emergency lighting source in the event of a power outage!* These are silk screened onto American Apparel shirts, which means you don’t have to tug at the neck all the time. Or am I the only one who does that? At any rate, if there’s a better gift available for the Tom Tomorrow fan in your life, I myself am unaware of it.

*usefulness as an emergency lighting source is highly speculative and not guaranteed.

ALSO: first person who sends me a photo of him or herself wearing their new Sparky shirt gets a free signed print.