How quickly things have changed

This cartoon from last April — mere months ago — was intended as a response to the right wing talking point that raising taxes on the rich won’t help address debt/deficit problems because “there aren’t enough rich people.” It seemed to me at the time that no one was making the obvious counter argument — a small percentage of people control a large percentage of the wealth. In fact the most recent numbers I could find then that seemed trustworthy were from 2007.

Now, of course, people are talking about little else, and we can thank the Occupy movement for that.

As a side note: for several years, anyone who was frustrated with Obama’s refusal or inability to use the bully pulpit was told by his supporters that the bully pulpit is a myth, the President simply doesn’t have the magical ability to shift the national conversation. In reality, the overwhelming number of people in this country who have been screwed by the plutocracy were primed for a paradigm shift, and while I think Obama blew a huge opportunity in 2008 by choosing the path of moderation over confrontation, we should all be profoundly grateful that the Occupy movement has picked up the slack.