This week’s strip

In which a new character is introduced. (Technically a reboot of my Space Alien from the early nineties, which some longtime readers may remember.)

I was thinking out loud on Twitter last week about how many recurrent characters I’d piled up over the years. This is the list I came up with:

Biff (in his role as Sparky’s foil)
Biff and Wanda the newscasters
Conservative Jones and Moonbat
The Glox Aliens
Dr. Von Philbert
Chuckles the Sensible Woodchuck
Conservabot 9000
The Invisible Hand in his various guises
The Time Traveller from the Year 2003
The Small Cute Dog (now retired)
Wilbur the Talking Stomach (RIP)
The Rightwing Bloggers
The Rightwing Nutcase and the Sensible Liberal
Thomas Friedman, Private Eye

Who am I forgetting?

… well duh, the Bearded Liberal (and that bald conservative guy).

Ugg the Neanderthal was on my list but didn’t survive the cut-and-paste to the blog for some reason.

… hand slapping forehead! Middle-Man, et al …

… the AI Teacherbot. Also, do Sparkman and the Blinkster count as separate characters from Sparky and Blinky?