That .02 rating really makes you a player

Joe Scarborough, whose show I — along with the vast majority of Americans for a change — have never watched, is claiming that his influence is so vast that MCI was forced to drop Danny Glover from its ad campaign.

Before this meme is spread too widely, I want to note that last winter, well before the war, well before Joe Scarborough even had a television show that no one was watching, I had dinner with a friend who is well-placed within the ad agency which produces those MCI commercials, and according to my friend, the scuttle even then was that MCI was trying to figure out a way to dump Danny Glover because they didn’t want to be associated with his anti-war views.

In short, Scarborough’s victory is as nonexistent as his triumphalism is pathetic.

Afterthought: here’s an MCI contact page. Let them know what you think of their decision. Remind them how easy it is to switch long distance carriers.