The saga of the book

As previously noted, just as my last book was published, my publisher was shut down and my editor was let go. Well, to be more accurate, the imprint under which it was published was disbanded in all but name (not to worry about my fabulous editor, though, she landed on her feet with a great new gig). I was concerned that my book would get lost in the shuffle, with no strong advocate at the corporate parent publisher, and unfortunately, that’s pretty much what happened. Anyway, I was on Amazon because I had to buy a couple copies to send to people*, and I noticed some new reviews, a few of which I am highlighting here in hopes of convincing a few more of you to buy the damn thing. You’ll either (a) help keep my sales record from being entirely demolished by the unfortunate sequence of events just described, enabling me to find a new publisher and put out another book, or (b) that won’t happen, and you’ll own a collector’s item, the last published compilation of my cartoons. So for you the consumer, it works out either way!

(Adding, too: this insider baseball stuff aside, it’s a beautifully produced book. I’m a stickler for quality on these things and was not disappointed by this one.)

5.0 out of 5 stars BUY THIS BOOK !! ……..I’m just saying, February 17, 2011
By Richard C. Ferris (Rochester, NY) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Too Much Crazy (Paperback)
If there were justice in this world, the NYT would’ve created a cartoon best seller list long ago. If it existed, Tom Tomorrow’s work would occupy the first five slots with “To Much Crazy” resting on top. However, justice, along with truth and logic remains captive on the far cultural horizon. That why the NYT non fiction best seller list consists primarily of the best fiction publishers can buy.

As John Lennon once said “everything is the opposite of what you believe.” This brings us to Tom Tomorrow’s work captured in the latest collection of “This Modern World “. Although his weekly strips are immensely rewarding, one can only truly appreciate his genius when you have the luxury to absorb a complete collection. In this case, the period covered is 2008-10. The world and national events prove to be a steamy brew for Tom Tomorrow’s comic cauldron. Not since, Al Capp (before he started getting weird in the late sixties) has there been an artist that, through words and images, captures the absurdity of society and the corruption of human nature in such a biting and humorous manner.

“To Much Crazy” continues to demonstrate how diligent Tom Tomorrow is at honing his craft and extracting the priceless value of measured timing and highly defined characters. A quote from John Updike, referring to another cartoonist, can be readily applied to Tom Tomorrow’s work, “it has fire in its belly and a brain in its head “.

If you’ll indulge me, I have no doubt that if Tom Tomorrow’s work had existed, it would have been Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia’s first choice during his cartoon radio crusade, to read and describe it to the listening public during the 1945 great NYC paper strike. History will always recall the Mayor’s poignant rhetorical question during this disgraceful period, “Why should the people suffer? ” Indeed!

Do yourself a favor, buy this book and start or continue to be a “This Modern World” traveler. For no other reason but to ensure the author maintains his artistic integrity and no long is forced to accept commercial largesse through rock band sponsorship. It’s up to you dear reader, to keep Tom restricted to his studio churning out future work and not forced to subsidize his existence through conscription to extended rock concert tours.

PS: A tip of the cap to Soft Skull Press for a high quality publication.

The best political comicbook ever, February 12, 2011
By Marc Harrison – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Too Much Crazy (Paperback)
What a treat. If you like politics and wry, intelligent comedy, this is it. Tom Tomorrow is the very best in this competitive field. He is always right on the topic, skewering those who need to be corralled and pinned down. The master at exposing the right wing nuts’ evergrowing hypocrisies. Buy the book, enjoy it, and understand what’s really going on here in the good old USA. Lots of clever fun from the artist!

And one from a friend of TMW…

Horrifyingly Hilarious, March 14, 2011
By Barry Eisler (San Francisco) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Too Much Crazy (Paperback)
Tom Tomorrow is the most talented political cartoonist in America today. There are so many gems in this collection: “What if Democrats Behaved More Like Republicans…” “Obama the Far-Left Radical…” “Taking Afghanistan Seriously…” one is funnier, and sadder, than the next, as Tomorrow ruthlessly skewers his targets and illuminates how crazy is the new American normal.

Buy it here, or at your friendly neighborhood bookstore, if you have one.

Also, while I’m pitching my stuff, those of you who have children or know someone who does should check out The Very Silly Mayor.

*I can buy copies from the publisher at an author discount, but was under the impression that I had to buy them in bulk. I’m now informed that this is not the case.