— I’ll be taking part in a live book chat over at Firedoglake on Saturday Jan. 15 from 5-7 p.m. EST. Update Chat over, archived here. Thanks to all who participated, with special thanks to Michael Moore for dropping in to say hi.

— And speaking of (the book): I’m trying to keep the flogging to a minimum, but if you want to support the work I do either here on the blog or through the cartoon, the very best thing you can do right now is buy the new book. My luck with publishers has not been extraordinary over the past couple of years and continues with this one — as previously mentioned, the imprint (sort of a publishing house within a larger publishing house, for those of you not in the business) under which this was published has been eliminated, which means I’m likely in the market for a new publisher yet again. Long story short, if this one doesn’t sell, nobody’s going to be interested in putting the next one out. So if you vaguely support the idea of my cartoons existing in the world, this would be an excellent time to do something concrete about it, for less than the cost of breakfast at an average diner. Besides: it’s laff-packed!