New cartoon and holiday info (updated)

–New one here — statistics don’t lie, do they?

–Signed copies of my book for children, The Very Silly Mayor, are available for $20. Click here and use Paypal button to order. (Note: due to the logistics involved in getting the books from the publisher to me and then back again, these cannot be personalized.) Cutoff date for orders is December 12. (More info about the book here).

ADDING: my new TMW compilation, TOO MUCH CRAZY will drop immediately after the holidays (publishing schedules are mysterious things). To encourage pre-orders, I have posted a downloadable “gift certificate” you can wrap up in lieu of the actual present. Links for the pre-order and the certificate are both on the TOO MUCH CRAZY page. (If you order the book from Amazon through my links, I get a small additional kickback.)

There are very good reasons to purchase either or both of these, not least of which is the Sheer Entertainment Value! But if you have small kids in your life, mainly in the 3-6 year old range, the Mayor will make a great present — just click through to the Very Silly Mayor page to read some of the endorsements from parents.

As for TOO MUCH CRAZY … the response I get over and over again from people who purchase the compilations usually goes something like this: “I thought I’d already read all of these — but couldn’t believe how much of it I’d forgotten!” Look, I’m the guy who wrote the damn things, and I always go back and find things I’d entirely forgotten about.

And not to make too big a deal of this, but the imprint through which this book was published, Soft Skull, was just eliminated by its parent publisher — which leaves me in very uncertain territory, both for the fate of this book and in terms of future publishing. If you think the work I do is worth supporting, I’d strongly encourage you to spring for the ten bucks and change the book will cost you. I’ll go into this in more detail at some point, but suffice it to say, every sale matters for this one.

ALSO: while I’m running down the holiday options for the TMW fan in your life — and gosh, doesn’t everyone have one? — I can’t forget the Cafe Press store, as well as the various posters.