Philly poster update

Okay, so life got a little complicated for me for awhile there, but things are starting to calm down … so hopefully I’ll be able to deal with the signed edition of the Philly posters before too long. (You can see the whole set here.) I have more names on the wait list than I have posters, so those are most likely all spoken for already, but if I do end up with any sets left over I’ll post a note here. In the meantime it looks like they’re starting to sell (unsigned) copies of the posters at (click on North American Tour Posters). The catch is, you have to join the fan club ($20, click on Memberships) to be eligible to purchase them, but if you end up buying the whole set, that’s just an extra five bucks a poster. (I have no financial stake in fan club sales, just posting this for those of you who might be interested.)

Friday edit: Second poster goes on sale at today, next two are up next week.

(Also adding, for TMW fans not familiar with the PJ poster world: these are 18 x 24 silk-screened posters — printing is much more beautiful than standard offset litho.)