The Very Silly Mayor in the news

In Madison, Wisconsin:

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Half-Price Books are teaming up to help kids in need of a book.

On Monday, they kicked off the 12th Annual Half-Pint Library Book Drive.

People are encouraged to drop off a lightly-used or new children’s books to bins set up at the two Half-Price Book locations in Madison.

Mayor Dave donated a book called, “The Very Silly Mayor.”

It’s about a penguin that unseats the mayor.

“This is the strength of education.” said Mayor Dave, “If kids read enough books, hopefully they’ll come to the conclusion the current mayor is ok, regardless of what they read in one particular book.”

(One small nit: the penguin does not unseat the mayor — because “you can’t just declare that a penguin is mayor! You have to have an election!”)

Also: you can buy it here.