Cartoons on Credo, and free stickers


I’ve gotten into the habit lately of directing everyone over to Salon to read the new cartoon, but TMW also goes up Wednesdays on Credo (formerly Working Assets). Most of you are probably familiar with the company, but for those who aren’t: Credo uses the profits they make as a phone company to fund various progressive causes. They’ve been sponsors of TMW for quite a number of years now, and we’ve been talking over the past couple of months about a new partnership of sorts. They want to build up their mailing list, and I want to figure out ways to keep working as a cartoonist, so here’s what we came up with: they’re going to start giving away an exclusive free TMW bumper sticker to everyone I send their way who signs up for their activism alerts, and they’ll toss some coin my way for every name they get. So if you sign up, you’ll get a free sticker and help keep me in business, which doesn’t seem like the worst deal you’re likely to be offered this week.

…adding: apparently only available in USA … apologies for any confusion …

Here’s the pertinent disclaimer:

CREDO Action supports the work of Tom Tomorrow and This Modern World. Everyone who orders a free Tom Tomorrow sticker or signs up to receive email alerts re: new cartoons, will also receive offers and activism opportunities from CREDO.

The sponsorship and collaboration between CREDO Mobile, CREDO Action and Tom Tomorrow simultaneously helps fund the publishing of This Modern World and grow the community behind CREDO’s progressive work.

Don’t worry. We won’t do anything nefarious with your info. CREDO does not sell, trade or release your e-mail address to outside third parties unless they are named partners on a given project, or are the recipients of a petition or citizen action you have signed.

Check it out here.

… adding: direct link to sticker order page here.