He’s baa-aa-ck

Huge thanks to Bob Harris for taking the wheel for the past few days. Once he gets his own blog up and running, he’ll clearly be on the fast track to blog stardom, with all the commensurate fame, fortune, and easy sex one would expect.

A blogger is like one of those little birds which plucks a shiny thread out of a pile of garbage and returns and weaves it into the uneven brambly tapestry of its nest — and it’s clear to me that Bob managed to bring home a few shiny objects I would probably have missed. I’m also about to enter into what promises to be an extremely hectic and scattered couple of months, during which time it is entirely possible that the blog may be neglected for long stretches. So I’m going to let Bob keep the spare set of keys and extend an invitation to him to keep posting in this space whenever he’s in the mood.

In the meantime, a couple of quick notes here and then I have to wrestle a stubborn cartoon idea to the ground in time for deadline. The first you’ve already seen — Bob wrote about it below — but it bears reiterating: they lied. Whatever happy ending this war may or may not lead to, they lied to you about their reasons. Government officials now admit it (albeit with a Clintonesque differentiation between “lying” and “emphasis”), and intelligence agencies are furious about it.

In short, we’ve just had another Gulf of Tonkin. Keep that in mind when the propaganda machine starts gearing up for the next glorious conquest.

Second, I wanted to link to the Institute for Policy Studies, whose report on Bechtel, Rumsfeld and Iraq, Crude Vision, was the primary source for the distilled history presented in this week’s cartoon.