The most wonderful time of the year

Astute readers will have noticed a distinct lack of blogging lately — life has been keeping me kind of busy, and with the holidays rushing up like a freight train, that situation is likely to continue for awhile longer. But in keeping with the spirit of the season, I did want to make one last pitch for some of my own humble gift suggestions:

— first and foremost, a copy of The Very Silly Mayor for the young person in your life. If you’ve been reading this blog for the past — oh, what probably seems like forever at this point — you know the basic rundown on the Mayor. It’s not a book for adults secretly posing as a book for kids, it’s genuinely a book written for the enjoyment of children. Feedback from parents on Amazon and elsewhere has been overwhelmingly positive — you can read more about it on the Mayor website. (Guess who did the coding there.) Also, as I’ve said many times, this book was published by my fantastic but very small publisher, and every copy purchased makes a very real difference to my life and theirs.

–an autographed copy of The Very Silly Mayor. (Very limited quantities remaining, and I’m probably not going to make these available again anytime soon.)

–stuff from the Cafe Press store. It’s got the usual range of t-shirts and coffee mugs, and some new stuff they’ve added, like Sigg bottles. Contrary to the fantasies of the info-wants-to-be-free triumphalists, I barely make any money at all off this stuff — there are really only so many t-shirts people are going to buy. But it’s still kind of fun to have it out there, and some people like having Sparky mugs on their desk at work. Anyway, this seems like the time of year that it might be a useful thing for somebody.

–a copy of Backspacer. I have no profit-sharing here, so this doesn’t impact me in any way, but it’s genuinely a great album.