Just in time for the holidays that are a month and a half away

A limited number of signed copies of The Very Silly Mayor are available at the publisher’s website. Or you can pick up a copy of the regular edition. Either way, if you have children, or know of any human beings who do, I do encourage you to pick up a copy. It really is the best way to support this little website/cartoon conglomerate of mine this holiday season.

… speaking of the Mayor, feedback from a reader fresh from the inbox:

I just wanted to thank you for “The Very Silly Mayor.” My boys, 3 and 5
years old, love it. They like to read it together, and then try to come up
with silly ideas. Afterwards, we talk about how we can tell if an idea is
silly. And it doesn’t hurt that they love penguins!

I apologize to regular readers for the repetition, but for anyone who might have missed the other eleventy-million times I’ve said this: I wrote this genuinely as a children’s book, not as a wink-wink-nudge-nudge “children’s” book actually aimed at adults, so it is the highest compliment I can receive to hear of it being enjoyed by its actual intended audience.