A small experiment

As indicated in the announcements box above, I’ve finally figured out (with the help of kind reader Todd T.) how to set up a browser-based version of the cartoon optimized for mobile devices. I’m keeping it very simple — it’ll just be the most recent cartoon each week, with nothing archived. Bookmark the link if you want to give it a try; I’ll update it every Tuesday for awhile, and maybe make it a permanent feature, depending on the response I get.

… a tip for iPhone users: in Safari, click “Add Bookmark” then click “Add to Home Screen” — this puts a fake “app” button on your phone screen which will lead you straight to TMW. (You can even sort of choose the image — it takes a screen grab of whatever’s showing on your phone at that moment.)

… how to view on Blackberry (via reader Stuart):

1. once the initial link has loaded, push the options button and choose “select mode”.
2. scroll down until the cartoon panel is outlined (selected).
3. again hit the options button and choose “full image”.
4. the entire cartoon will load and is perfectly optimized to view and read on the Blackberry screen.