New cartoon

Secret Agent Beck vs. the menace of A.C.O.R.N!

… some notes on this one: the ACORN logo is based on the United Underworld logo from the 1966 Batman movie (in the original, the tentacles belong to an octopus at the center of the design). The volcano headquarters are taken from “You Only Live Twice,” as are George Soros’ facial scar and Chairman Mao jacket (based on James Bond’s archnemesis from that movie, Ernst Stavro Blofeld). Agent Beck’s predicament at the end of the cartoon is of course based on the classic scene from Goldfinger, leading to my one regret about this cartoon. The movie’s original dialogue goes something like this:

BOND: Do you expect me to talk?

GOLDFINGER: No, Mister Bond — I expect you to die!

I was originally hoping to end the cartoon with this exchange:

BECK: Do you expect me to talk?

SOROS: No, Mister Beck — I expect you to cry!

Had to cut it due to space, but in retrospect, I kind of wish I’d figured out a way to squeeze it in.