Site business

Been doing a little housecleaning around here. Archives have been brought up to date, and are now consolidated under the “Comics” link. Interviews & Articles section has been updated for the first time in many years, and I’ve added a “Portfolio” section to highlight some of my illustration work. The Animation & Film section now has a “Featured Animation,” which I’ll rotate on some sporadic basis. Signed prints are available again, and there’s a new “Posters for sale” section which currently has a few of my older posters, and should at some point have the work I’ve done for Pearl Jam, assuming I ever get those posters myself. And the T-shirts & Swag link will take you to the Cafe Press store, which I’ve recently revamped with what I think is some cool stuff, including some actual old advertisements from the fifties (“He won’t love you — if you cough!“)