More praise for the Mayor

From the former editor of the Seattle Weekly (entire review here):

Readers of alternative newsweeklies across the country have for years enjoyed the comic strip “This Modern World” by Tom Tomorrow. When I was at Seattle Weekly during the Bush years, we carried the strip and readers sent letters telling me that it kept them sane. No one is better at seeing through the madness of contemporary politics and media than Tom’s wise penguin “Sparky.”

Now, it’s time for another generation. Tom Tomorrow has written his first children’s book, The Very Silly Mayor (Ig Publishing, $17.99). In true Tom Tomorrow style, the book is a terrific civics lesson for kids about the dangers of group-think politics.

And from a librarian posting on Amazon:

More importantly, it passed the little kid test. Since reading them the book it’s become the sort of book that as a parent I have to read over and over yet it doesn’t make me wince or groan every time the kids ask me to read it. Blinky and Sparky are lovable characters for children I’ve learned. In fact, my 1st grader has already brought the book into school for show-and-tell and asks me questions over and over about Biff, Sparky, Blinky and why the Mayor is so silly. As a librarian and parent who is always trying to get kids to love books and parents excited about reading to their children I strongly recommend this book. Librarians take note–I think this would make a fabulous addition to public and elementary school libraries.