Banks vs. YouTube

This is an excellent use of YouTube by Ann Minch of Red Bluff, California to call for a U.S. debtor’s revolt—with her going first. I certainly endorse anything that calls Bank of America “evil, thieving bastards.”

Now, it is true (as you can tell from her blog) that she’s mildly right-wing crazy. But she’s certainly no more crazy than America’s Serious Liberals like Robert Morgenthau, last seen here calling for a first strike against the dangerous alliance between Iran, Venezuela and Saturn.

Moreover, while Morgenthau is evil crazy, Ann Minch is just confused crazy. People like her have been completely abandoned by both political parties. There’s almost no one prominent anywhere explaining the world in a way normal people can understand—and for good reason, since just about everyone prominent is implicated in it somehow. Minch is doing her best to decipher the puzzle around her with no help. I think she could learn something from people like us, but I’m also sure we could learn something from her.

If you just want to read was she has to say, it’s here. The Huffington Post also has written a good story about her.