Fair and balanced

Some dissenting email, presented unedited and without comment:

Subject: Are you Republican or Democrat ? Do you really know the differences ?

Judging by the anti-Bush tone that your strips have we bet you are a DEMOCRAT . How could anyone write a political comic strip and know so little about politics ? Every person that I ve met that claims to be a Democrat I ve asked , why are you a Democrat ? The stupid answers fall into two catagories – well thats what my parents and our family is … and – I don t know … Sounds real intelligent to vote for people and not know what they even basically stand for . SCARY ! Every Republican that I ve asked , why are you a republican ? Has been able to tell me the basic principles of being a Republican and why they vote that way . My wife and I worked dilligently through high school and college holding full time jobs and at the same making good grades . Tough ? You bet it was . But we planned for the future and worked hard . We both graduated college , got corporate jobs and we climbed the ladder through dilligence , hard work and much planning only to be taxed at an a! bsolutely unfair 40 % of our salary !!! Unfair ? You bet it is ! Some how the Democrats think that because I worked hard , studied hard and carefully planned out my life to be sucessfull that I should support a grossly out of controll welfare system that actually promotes unemployment and having kids that I will be paying for !!! I will help people that really need it and that is about 50% of the people on welfare now .Republicans like my wife and I are Americas tax base . Democrats voting for tax hikes and lots of government programs at my expense are the tax burden . Please learn the basic principles of being both a Democrat and a Repubican . Politics is not about looks or peoples individual personalities but what the party stands for . A Democrat once told me -You just have to know how to use the system … My reply ? I am the system your referring to asshole !!!