Part of the family

There’s a great article in Tuesday’s New York Times about my collaboration with Pearl Jam (already online here). One small error at the beginning though: I didn’t contact Eddie after I lost all the VVM papers because I wanted a poster gig — I contacted him because I was contacting everyone I knew in cities where I’d lost a paper, encouraging them to write letters to the editor.

What I actually said to the writer was that I’d known Eddie a long time, but never in my wildest dreams expected to be tapped for an album cover — at most, I kind of hoped that maybe someday I might get to do a poster for the band, but it wasn’t something I was ever going to bug him about.

Apart from that small nit, though, I really can’t complain ..!

adding: this seems like good news — apparently the rest of my old papers are now free to reinstate the strip at their own discretion.

Lately Mr. Perkins has gotten some good news: last week “This Modern World” returned to The Village Voice. Andy Van De Voorde, the executive associate editor of Village Voice Media, said it would be up to the discretion of each paper in the chain whether to reinstate the strip, and so far no others have.

Sounds like a good time to contact the editors, if you live in one of the affected cities (which I am deliberately not listing, to avoid astroturfing — much better if the letters they get are from real readers aware of the situation) … and you Village Voice readers, don’t forget to send your thanks

also: having a pen name can admittedly be confusing, and the article does get my name(s) right — but in the photo captions, I am referred to as “Don” Perkins.

Still: major article on the front of the arts section, huge picture of my art — I can live with it if people call me Don for awhile.