Update to previous post

Email update from the family trying to get their adopted daughter out of China:

We genuinely appreciate everyone’s help and support; the outpouring of emails and help for us has been overwhelming, and we are truly, deeply gratified.

We ask now, that at least for the next day or so, everyone making phone calls to various agencies and the CDC, PLEASE STOP FOR THE MOMENT. The agencies have a very big decision to make today and tomorrow, and they need the peace of mind and clarity to concentrate on doing the right thing.

For work to continue forward at this point on our case, the CDC and all other agencies involved need to be freed up from emails and phone calls. We are under the impression that this could have a favorable ending, so again, PLEASE STOP ALL PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS.

Please post this to any blogs that you may have posted to in the past, or any forums, or in any emails you may have sent. It is urgent that, for the moment, these emails and phone calls stop.

The next two days are critical, pray for us, think good thoughts for us, and send some positive energy our way, we can surely use it right now. We want Harper on the plane with us on Friday!

Thank you,

Jay, Candace and Harper