The fundamental question …

… of the health care debate, via Digby:

The internal debate on health care strategy for Democrats can be boiled down to this: do we choose the approach whose specifics are more popular with the public and will almost certainly work better in practice once it gets passed, or do we want to go with something that has some bipartisan support and may avoid an all out war with the insurance industry?


The first thing to understand in all this is the consequences for the Democrats for the next generation and probably longer if they pass some convoluted, complicated, unworkable compromise that doesn’t change the abusive patterns in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and doesn’t begin to control health care costs. If they pass a compromise that doesn’t meet regular people’s needs, folks will figure it out very quickly, as most people deal with the health care system all the time. If the Democrats twist up this bill to make insurance companies and their Republican allies happy, it is end of story for this generation of Democrats — our party will not recover from screwing up health care.